Festival Junkie Series Part 3: Fit Tips For Festivals

Our Resident Festival Junkie Helps You To Stay Fit As A Fiddle

At TicketSwap HQ, we all love to party. But there is only one person who has elevated this into a true art form. Meet Cat(harina), our German colleague who can be found at various parties every weekend. In this mini-series, Cat tells about the different aspects of the life of a real festival junkie. Previously we talked to her about festival outfits and budget tips. Today, we discuss fit tips to help you stay super fit during festival season. 


How do you prepare yourself for a big festival weekend?
If I have a party planned on the weekend, I make sure to eat healthy during the week and drink a lot of water. Personally, I don’t need a lot of sleep but I guess that’s different for everyone. I stick to quite some routines in general, like doing a lot of yoga and meditating for 10 minutes every morning when waking up. 

What are your fit habits during a festival?
When it comes to food, I try not to eat anything that’s too heavy. Just mainly apples or any other kind of fruit. I always carry Dextro energy with me - I’m not a fan of sugary drinks, but Dextro can be a lifesaver if your sugar levels drop (especially while partying in warm circumstances). Next to that I hardly drink any alcohol - especially no wine or beer! Alcohol is super dehydrating and makes you less energetic. If I do drink, I go for a skinny bitch (vodka with sparkling water). 

And don’t underestimate the importance of a short dancing break once in a while! It can be tempting to just go on and on when you’re having a good time, but if you take some breaks every now and then your energy level (and your feet) will be very grateful in the long run. 

For me, the people I’m with also contribute a lot to my energy level. It’s very easy to keep on going when you’re surrounded by positive vibes and people who have the same kind of energy; you’ll feel it and will be recharged automatically. 


What are your tips for post festival recovery?
Lots of water, juices, yoga, meditation and rest. After an intense period with a lot of parties I always need some time for myself, to be alone and reflect. Routines are also very important when it comes to recovery, just as they are for the preparation. It’s all about a healthy balance between partying and daily life, even when you’re partying every weekend. And listening to your favourite sets on Soundcloud or Spotify can also help to keep the happy spirit up! 

– Cathalijne le 21 janvier 2020