Mid Week Gigs & How To Conquer Them

Just the other day I was chatting to a colleague who mentioned that Four Tet (one of my favourite producers) was bringing back his famed live show for two exclusive dates in London. On hearing this, I was of course, over the moon! I’d jumped the gun however and later found out the gigs were in the middle of the week. Dread.

Welcome to a problem shared by all live music fans. How to turn up at work after a Wednesday night of tunes, where you definitely got carried away! Now, I’m not a rocket scientist but I’d recommend the following:

Stay Sober. Drink Water

I could honestly see Four Tet play anywhere, no alcohol required. For those artists you adore, there’s really no need to drink at all. The hype of seeing them play some of your most beloved songs should be more than enough.



I mean it’s a known fact that a vast chunk of the working world doesn’t enjoy their job. What a better excuse to throw in the towel, than by heading out in the middle of the week to see one of your music idols and having such a ball that you simply just can’t and won’t ever go back to work.



Any sleep is good sleep. Even if you’re just watching the back of your eyelids. Find some time to retreat from the responsibilities of work, without quitting (if that seems an over the top proposition). Find somewhere to lay your weary head, just be sure to set an alarm, otherwise, it’ll be a rude shock when your manager’s shaking you awake.



Now I’m not a huge coffee consumer but it seems everyone apart from me swears by its energy-giving quality. If there’s a chance this substance can keep you chirpy til the end of business, you may as well give it a go! I mean what’s the worst that could happen…other than succumbing to crippling anxiety.

Chickening Out

I’m not in the business of encouraging our fans to pull the plug on shows but sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do”. It’s 7:00 pm on Tuesday and that little angel on your shoulder’s whispering “there’ll be plenty more gigs, you don’t need to be there for this one…” If that angel ends up winning, fear not, you can always throw your ticket on TicketSwap last minute and make that precious money back.


Next time there’s a show in the middle of the week, don’t freak out! Get to every show guilt-free or just sit one out, it really isn’t the end of the world!

Phoebe on 16 septembre 2019