Australia Day 🐹

Easy ways we can help our Aussie heros and wildlife this Australia Day

You might have read about the devastating fires in Australia. These had been burning for a few months before we read about them, and some fires still burn now.  It’s normal for Australia to have a few bush fires, but the scale of the fires this year are unprecedented, with many people losing homes and wildlife losing its habitat.  Whilst the worst of the fires are hopefully behind us, there is a lot of damage done and work is underway on the ground to help the nation bounce back.

This is a global problem and hit Australia first, and hit it hard. As TicketSwap, we don’t do a lot of work in Australia, but we wanted to do something to help. An estimated 3,000 Koalas have lost their homes so we’ve adopted 4 koalas into the TicketSwap fam to help keep them safe and fed on they’re road to recovery.

Please say g’day to Anwen, Paul, Lily and her joey (baby) Yoda! 

Anwen: This gentle young sheila sadly suffered singeing to 90% of her body and burns to her hands and feet - Anwen has been getting on really well with her treatment plan and loves her daily delivery of eucalyptus leaves. 

Paul: Poor Paul was found curled up on the ground by a member of the public, suffering from dehydration, singeing to his body and burns to his hands and feet from climbing down a burning tree trunk to safety. Get well soon Paul! 

Lily and Yoda: Lily was orphaned at a young age and got a second chance at life in the Ballarat Wildlife Park, VIC. Lily has extra fluffy cheeks and ears, which makes her easily recognisable - a trait she’s also passed down to her joey Yoda. Yes we couldn't resist having our own baby Yoda!  Lily and Yoda love snuggles, perching in their favourite tree and having adventures! 

We’re also donating to the Red Cross AU who are driving relief efforts on the ground and Support Act AU, who are specifically helping musicians deal with the consequence of the fires.

It was great to see so many artists putting on pop up shows to raise money to help.  On a business level, we know a lot of people buy tickets to be supportive but can’t necessarily attend the show. We are regularly checking to ensure that we donate any resale fees on our platform from fundraising events. Those fees will be trebled by us and paid fire charities locally.

It can be easy to feel powerless in these situations, and we wanted to share some of the best  ways we’ve found so you can help too. 

Donate to help recovery: 

NSW and VIC Firies 🚒 

Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Red Cross Relief and Recovery Appeal

Help wildlife

WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund

Koala Hospital

WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization

Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter Fire Relief Fund

Help a Community 

GIVIT, an organization that matches donated food, clothing and essentials to families

Salvation Army Australia

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Or join a local fundraising event or concert

Thanks for any help you can offer. Or, as they say in Australia, "On ya mate!

– Chris le 24 janvier 2020