Festival Junkie Series Part 1: Outfits

A Sit Down With Our Resident Festival Junkie - Cat

Here at TicketSwap HQ, we all love to party. But there is only one person who has elevated this into a true art form. Meet Cat(harina), our German colleague who can be found at various parties every weekend. In this mini series she tells about different aspects of the life of a real festival junkie. To kick off, we discuss the outfits she wears at parties, which are anything but ordinary.

Hey Cat, tell us: how do you get all those special outfits?

Well, I make a lot of my clothes myself! At first I bought quite a lot through Etsy and Amazon, but then I spotted very cool things at parties and I thought to myself: I can do this as well! My mother can sew very well, so I asked her if she wanted to teach me. So she did! Sometimes I make things from scratch, and other times I buy stuff at a thrift shop and take the sleeves off or add something to it. This way, you can recycle things and always come up with something new.

Cape from thrift store, added some details herself. Bandana from Albert Cuyp market, added some LED lights. @Pleinvrees, Marktkantine

Wow, how cool! So it has really become a hobby to make outfits?

Definitely. It has become one of my regular weekend activities; I go to the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam for the fabrics and then start sewing. It takes a lot of time, but I really enjoy doing it. Right before Burning Man I was partying every weekend. I had to take a party break for two weekends in a row, so that I could fully focus on sewing.

Cape from thrifst store, hat custom made @Diynamic festival, Amsterdamse Bos

Do you make them only for yourself or for other people?

At parties people often ask me where I got my outfit from. When I tell them I made it myself, they sometimes ask me if I can make something for them. I like doing that; I mainly sell capes and dust masks.

Self made cape, Bandana made from leftover fabric other cape + LED lights @ Burning Man

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from parties and travelling. At the parties I go to, everyone is very creative and that is also very supported. As a result your own creativity will flow more and you get very inspired.

Self made goggles and cape with sequins @ Thuishaven (Satori)

Join us next week for Part 2: How To Do Festival Season On A Budget!

– Phoebe le 5 décembre 2019